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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 2, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," campus tragedy. >> the latest details in the horrific shooting on a college campus in oregon, a community reeling with grief overnight, ten dead, several others injured as we learn more about the victims, the shooter and what his motives may have been. >> and keeping kids safe. the tragedy in oregon is a painful reminder of what millions of young americans face in the classroom and what they would do in that situation. generations now being prepared for worst. and tracking joaquin, the major hurricane threatening the entire eastern seaboard right now. what the latest models indicate and the massive amount of rainfall forecast for many regions. accuweather's predictions just ahead on this friday, october 2nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning to you
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all. we're going to get to our top story and these breaking new details in the deadly shooting rampage in rural oregon. word this morning the gunman may have been targeting christian nooses these scenes from overnight hup dreads of mourners gathering in the town of roseburg to remember the dead and wounded. ten people were killed at umpqua community college including the shooter identified as 26-year-old chris harper mercer. >> the details heartbreaking. a teacher was shot in the classroom point blank and a student who survived reportedly told her dad the gunman ordered all the christians in the class to stand up before opening fire on them. >> as shots rang out, some students locked their classroom doors and huddled together while others ran for their lives. >> the governor has ordered flags across the state lowered to half-staff and president obama, he took direct aim at the gun lobby. abc's brandi hitt joins us live from the campus in roseburg.
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good morning to you, brandi. >> good morning, reena. we're talking about terror and chaos. that's what students say they encountered on the college campus. it's about a mile beyond this barricade. we know at least ten people are dead. these students say they had to simply huddle and hide together until they heard the gun finally stop going off. the horrific reports flooded in just before 11:00 a.m. pacific time in roseburg, oregoning >> active shooter at ucc, 1140 umpqua college road. >> images show the umpqua community college campus in chaos. >> there was a couple girls sprinting away from the building and then i hear screaming after the first gunshot. >> shots were being fired. we heard shots and immediately took cover. went down. >> police exchanged gunfire with the suspected shooter, 26-year-old chris harper mercer in one of the buildings. he is now dead. the wounded were rushed to the hospital as students were escorted from the campus, their hands in the air.
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the fbi and atf are now on scene trying to help local law enforcement figure out a motive. and president obama visibly frustrated addressed the nation for the 15th time following a mass shooting. >> america will wrap everyone who is grieving with our prayers and our love. each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it does not capture the heart ache and grief and anger that we should feel. >> reporter: again you saw so many people at that vigil overnight. a lot of the folks who go to school here say it's hard to imagine that so many of these students are not going home to their families. this is still a very active crime scene as you can see. a lot of students say they don't even know if they could ever go back to school here. it's that terrifying to think what they experienced not knowing if they were going to make it out alive. >> to hear they were such a close knit community.
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the sheriff doesn't want to ever say the name of the gunman to give him recognition. what else are we learning about that suspected gunman? >> chris harper mercer, a lot of people understand why the sheriff would say that. some people wonder why the media would give him any attention. it's our job to report the facts and bring facts to the community about a possible motive. we are hearing from his family. he has many family members in southern california who have come out and say they are devastated. they never saw this come. neighbors are reacting saying he was a quiet guy who kept to himself. but there are law enforcement sources telling abc news they found four weapons at the crime scene ta include three pistols and assault type rifle. obviously, they're going to be looking into how he obtained those weapons and many want to know if he obtained them legally, as well, reena and kendis into his father talking to reporters in torrence, california, late last night. as this community searches pore
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answers so does the rest of the country. of course, we saw president obama talking very emotionally there last night. what is the feeling like there as the rest of the country responds to yet another shooting? >> reporter: here it's a lot of the confusion. people don't know the how to react. everyone that came out was trying to reunite with their families. this is a president in his second term who has asked for gun law reform time and time again. today when he came out, he seemed just so frustrated, sad, angry, and done. he just said i know i don't want to come back out here and talk about another mass shooting but i'm likely going to do it in my presidency because it seems like every couple of months we have another mass shooting. at times you saw him possibly get choked up. we didn't see tears but it's definitely getting to him.p. and he hopes congress will finally act. newtown connecticut, didn't lead
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to gun reform. curious to ein the coming days if there is another united effort to maybe join that fight. >> a lot of people wondering that very same thing. brandi hitt, we appreciate all these new details. thank you so much for that live report. our coverage confident oregon campus massacre does not end here. >> look for live updates all morning long and later this half hour, what school administrators are doing to prepare students and staff for the worst. well now to our other big story this morning, new information about hurricane joaquin approaching the east coast. >> residents of coastal states are getting ready. virginia's governor says even if there's not a direct hit there will be flooding and power out ands. new jersey shore communities only now recovering from sandy aren't also aren't taking any chances. the latest observations are that joaquin will stay out at sea and not actually make landfall in the u.s. but another severe storm
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unrelated to joaquin is already dredge drenching the east coast. an early morning downpour in artanburg, south carolina, dumped four inch of rain in a short period. a flash flood trapped a woman underneath a railroad bridge. parts of south carolina could see more than two feet of rain. between that storm and the hurricane, the entire eastern seaboard is a soggy day ahead. >> the details from justin povick. hey, justin be. >> thanks and good morning to you. we are tracking a dangerous hurricane you but some good news to pass along. its movement is now to the north. again away from the u.s. still though dangerously close as we go throughout the upcoming weekend. this following the center if not the right-hand portion of the red zone. that possible track cone. but again, regardless of the eventual outcome of the system, there are going to be some dangerous impacts. i'm very concerned about some record historic rains throughout the southeast. near upper level low pressure system toward the coastline, columbia, charlotte, 6 to 12
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inches. somebody could see a foot and a half of water with battering surf conditions at the coast. reena and kendis, back to you. >> thanks to justin there. we're going to move our focus overseas to major developments this morning. the taliban claiming responsibility for the crash of a transport plane in afghanistan that killed six u.s. service members. the c-130 plane went down at jalalabad air pooeld in eastern afghanistan. five civilian passengers also died in the crash. despite the claim, a u.s. official says there's no evidence of hostile fire. russia's defending its escalation of air strikes inside syria insisting it sees eye to eye with america and its allies about the strategy. the u.s. is questioning its true intentions and choice of targets. abc's martha raddatz has the details. >> reporter: russian warplanes, one after another, launched from a syrian air base, dropping bombs largely on
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targets where isis is not even operating. russia's foreign minister today strongly rejecting the charges that the air strikes are aimed at opposition forces. some backed by the u.s., who are fighting against syria's brutal dictator, and russia's ally, bashar al assad. >> very distorted and perverted perception. >> reporter: the russian military did finally confer via a secure video conference with u.s. counterpas at the pentagon to begin to coordinate movements of its warplanes in order to avoid any collisions with u.s. and coalition aircraft. >> the russians are reportedly using did you have bottoms causing greater civilian casualties all of it meaning the civil war we thought couldn't get any worse now has. >> the man who hopes to take over as speaker of the house is in big trouble for comments he made about hillary clinton. house republicans are calling on
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majority leader kevin mccarthy to apologize after he credited the gop lid led benghazi investigation for clinton's falling poll numbers. nancy pelosi wants the committee shut down accusing mccarthy and republicans of using one of the longest-running investigations in political history for their own purpes. >> the head of america's vw division is due to testify next week. michael horn has said vw will work hard to prevent something like this from ever happening again. >> so your favorite dunkin' donuts store may be closing. slow sales growth is prompting the chain to close 100 stores in the next year or so. all of them are owned by the speedway gas station and convenience store chain and says they don't account for much of its revenue. duncan is facing increased competition for breakfast from fast food changesing >> still got to get your french crullers somewhere.
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>> if you're a smoke erg who plans on visiting paris, make sure you don't chuck your butt on the street. you'll pay a $76 fine. about the cost of your typical carton of smokes. $76? do i have that right? are people spending that much on cigarettes? city officials say they've had it with cleaning up an estimated 350 tons of butts every year and by the way, they will be imposing the same fine if you don't clean up your dog's mess. >> which is a problem in paris as we know. whenever we walk the streets of paris, it's all over the place. >> dog stuff on the ground. >> yeah. >> not in front of the louvre i hope. >> no, that will that would be sacrilege. >> a good samaritan in the sky. >> a mom with a crying baby on a plane trying to calm her child down. incredible reaction her seat neighbor has that had the entire cabin applauding >> as the tragic shooting in oregon shocks a nation, how kids
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recapping our top story, deadly chaos on yet another american campus. the gunman who opened fire at a
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community college in oregon now identified as 26-year-old chris harper mercer. witnesses say he went on a rampage in a classroom reportedly singling out christians before gunning them down one by one. nine people were killed and seven wounded before the gunman died in an exchange of gunfire with police. the school has just one unarmed security guard. in the wake of this tragedy, president obama has renewed his call for a change in gun laws saying our thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> but in the meantime, schools across the country aren't waiting. they've been taking safety into their own hands. ears abc's david wright. >> attention, this is a drill. we need to lock down. >> the modern version of duck and recover, we recently saw one in colorado. the teacher loc the door. the students hud. >> do you know why they did this drill? >> they do it because there have
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been at left ten facility shootings on u.s. campuses this year and many more close calls. harrisburg, south dakota, a high school principal shot and injured. cleveland, mississippi, two weeks ago, a history professor murdered in his office. lacey washington in april high school students badly shaken after staff members apprehended a gunman. teacher holly carpet is a graduate of columbine high school. that's why she takes this issue so personally. >> it's not about the flash backs or any of that for me. it's the thought of anyone wanting to hurt the kids. >> the threat is real. the question is, how to stop it. david wright abc news, new york. >> you never know how you'll respond in a situation like that, especially children. it's paralyzing for an adult going through something like this, but the hope is that they'll be able to you know, react in a moment like that or get to safety, a safe place. >> absolutely. quite a sign of the times. in the '60s we had the duck and
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cover cold war drills where people were covering. and now this is a sign of the times we live in right now. all right. coming up, an incredible act of in-flight kindness. a stranger who came to the rescue of a mother at her witt's end with her baby crying uncontrollably. what this good samaritan did to soothe those frayed nerves. >> and ahead in our next half hour. you see him there the donned. he goes on a new tear over two of his rivals jeb bush and marco rubio. so what is it that got him so fired up? we're going to explain. you're watching "world news now." "world
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who can't relate to this next story? kids on a plane crying uncontrollably. >> yeah, the parents, it's one of our worst nightmares. >> i imagine. >> if you see this one young mother she got unexpected help from a kind-hearted fellow
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passenger. >> despite best intentions -- >> trying to keep her awake so she'll sleep on the plane. >> nobody likes a crying baby on a flight. it's stres stressful. >> it's a predicament every parent dreads, a crying baby on a plane. unable to control the sobses. >> new mom rebecca found herself in just such a situation this past thursday. until a stranger in the skies changed everything. >> she truly was an angel. >> in a facebook post that has now been shared 100,000 times, she tells the story of how she was taking a flight from chicago to atlanta. to surprise her husband an active duty army firefighter stationed in alabama with their baby who remained calm until boarding. >> i sat down. riley started throwing a fit. she wouldn't take the bottle. so this is when we started taxiing and she was already getting fussy. people were staring obviously. >> thankfully she wound up in a
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seat next thoefl woman. >> she looked at me and told me she had kids of her own. she asked do you mind if i help. as soon as she took her riley looked out the window. she bounced her around and she stopped crying right then and there. >> rebecca needed relief. luckily in that moment, she stayed asleep the entire night. >> she wrote on facebook, something amazing happened to me and i will never be able to express how grateful i am for it. the supporting comments flooding in ever since. miller with four kids of her own says she was just helping out a fellow mom. >> honestly, i felt like i was doing what anybody could have or should have done in that moment. >> her friends were so moved they're starting a new movement called flight angels not just on planes where you see young parents struggling help them
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and now it's time for "the mix." for some women, getting pregnant can be so hard and so emotionally trouble package. there's one woman on youtube named dana fungi ji. she really, really had it tough. four miscarriages, one still born child. she thought she would never had a baby. she oo told her husband she had surprising news for her. told him, there's a surprise for you in the oven. get it, bun in the oven. she finally broke the news to him and his response was incredible. >> you're pregnant. >> guess how far along 19 weeks. almost five months. >> come here. >> due february 16. >> come here. >> adorable.
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>> getting more than a quarter -- 280,000 hits. >> i had friends who were crying looking at it. >> polka time. ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now," campus tragedy. a gunman opens fire on a college campus in oregon. ten are dead and the identity of the suspect is now known. his father speaking out overnight. latest details ahead. the nation reacts. president obama speaking candidly about gun violence in america. the frustration clear as the issue remains hotly debated among many of the nation's leaders and those in the race for the white house. >> and new this half hour, donald trump's latest tirade. >> the presidential hopeful lashing out at his fellow gop candidates as he takes a tough stance on the refugee crisis in europe and what it might mean for a trump presidency. >> and today marks a very special anniversary for one of america's beloved comic strips. do you know how old charlie brown really is? it's friday, october 2nd. from abc news, this is


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